Exclusive Video Coverage of Billa Pooja



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BILLA Function – SS Music Video

It has the interviews of the Producer and the Director of the movie. A quick summary follows.

Producer Said The Following :
* 75 days continuous shoot @ malaysia which is almost 90% of the film

* Only climax fight will be shot in chennai

* Stuntman for BILLA is WILLIAM ONG who is the usual stunt master for jackie chan movies and also 4-5 hollywood movies it seems!

* Camera n editing would be crisp n something new to give a new look n feel!

* Rajini’s Billa cannot be matched up [ this is naturally modesty] so they are doing their best by shooting in malaysia with a classy cameraman n editor to give it a chic look so as to compete with the original

* HE has confidence on ajith and vishnuvardan

* Yuvan has already set the tunes for MY NAME IS BILLA and VETHALAIYA POTENDI and producer laps it up [by saying he only gave such an idea].

Vishnuvardan says :

Ajith is the best person for BILLA and one more advantage is he has the MASS along with acting!

The Video:

Billa Pooja Function

Ajith wins Vijay Tv’s most favorite hero!

This video has got nothing to do with the movie “Billa 2007“, But is a nice watch for Ajith fans as usual.

Ajith in Rajini’s Song!

Ajith will be Rajini’s shoes very soon as “Billa“, well here is Ajith in a Rajini’s song. Thanks to the original poster, abairptihni.

Billa 2007 Trailer

Here is another Trailer created by a fan, and it is as good as the previous one

Headlines Today on Billa 2007

This is a very small documentary on Billa 2007 that was telecasted in Headlines Today.